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Stretch ceiling is an excellent material because it can be installed quickly and without removing the furniture out of the room.


The ceiling is installed in one piece and installation work is made without any construction debris or mess.

Stretch ceilings are manufactured from a PVC film to which a “harpoon” is welded to the perimeter. Installation is achieved by first fixing a special aluminum profile around the room, then heating the ceiling up to 50 degrees Celsius and stretching the film and finally inserting the “harpoon” into the profile’s locking channel.


The cooling film then shrinks to provide a perfect ceiling. Behind the stretch ceiling, it is possible to hide wires, ventilation systems and more.

On the surface of the ceiling, you can install lamps, smoke detectors, ventilation openings etc.

Stretch ceilings are unique because of their ability to transform spaces into something very special.

They are custom manufactured to your specs, created and delivered to the job site ready to be installed by our professionals.

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