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Many are familiar with the situation when the free corner of the room could not put the wardrobe just because there was not enough space for the swinging doors. Our company offers a convenient solution to the problem.


Roll Up Doors do not open outward, but move upwards or to the side and can be fixed in any position. Thanks to this it became possible, for example, to put the chair close to the front side of the cabinet and save up to 30% of free space.


Made of moisture-resistant materials (polymers, aluminum, tempered glass), Roll Up Doors are suitable even for furniture in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Moreover, it is there that their practicality is fully revealed. Roll Up Doors are made to order in individual sizes in any design, and for their installation, you will only need a screwdriver and half an hour of free time.

In addition, with the help of Roll Up Doors it is possible to realize non-standard tasks, which are practically impossible in the case of regular doors. For example, make curved and oval furniture or order a locker in the form of a drop.

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